May 31, 2008

Why Use 3D Floor Plans ?

When you're looking to invest in a new property you know you need to make a very careful and calculated decision. This is going to be the biggest investment of your life and you will probably be living in it for quite some time. Estate agents paper details are all very well but they don't tell a true story of how the property looks and feels. It doesn't give you a way to visualize yourself or your belongings in the property.

Floor plans have become increasing popular with estate agents to give you a better idea of the layout of a property and are all very well if you can read them and have a good imagination. However, it still doesn't really give you the chance to get a proper feel for the place. This is where 3D floor plans can be an invaluable aid. They give you chance to see not just the layout but the relation of the space and furniture as well as surrounding grounds.

3D floor plans are being used more frequently in lots of professions now and have proved the ideal tool, particularly for properties that are yet to be built. They are similar to traditional floor plans but give you so much more detail. 3D floor plans give you a much more realistic sense of the volume, flow and relationship of spaces. To look at, a 3D floor plan looks as though the roof of a property has been cut away and you are looking down from above.

Furniture can be added as can colour and texture. You are given a much more accurate perspective of the way light enters a building and how much space there is once furniture is in. But these 3D floor plans are not just ideal for selling properties, they are perfect for all those involved in the process of implementing someone's dream of creating a building, whether it be commercial or residential.

An architect is given measurements of what the finished project is hoped to resemble. He can then build a 3D floor plan from these on the computer, adding in as much detail as necessary, down to the surrounding area and even outdoor planting plans. Designers can then make any adjustments to
the building plans that are necessary and that couldn't be visualized simply from a 2D drawing.

3D floor plans are also very useful when it comes to gaining planning permission or funding for a building project. To show your prospective lenders or council leaders the plans in full blown colour so that they can gauge the impact on the buildings and environment surrounding your proposed building is absolutely invaluable and can make the difference between a yes and a no.

Property developers will often use 3D floor plans to market their properties before they are even built. Whenever you see a new complex being constructed, you can bet half of them are already sold. This early revenue often allows builder
to access the funds to actually finish the project, buy more space or finish the proposed building to a higher spec.

These types of plans are not just useful for the bigger project but can also be used in an existing home to get a better vision when remodeling a room. The kitchen is probably the most widely used area of the home for this because so much has to be taken into consideration.

Given that the kitchen is where a family spends most of its time and the fact that it needs to be well equipped and planned out is probably what makes 3D floor plans useful here. Once established with pipe work and fuel, a kitchen cannot be altered on a whim and you have to make entirely sure you are happy with your placement. A 3d floor plan will give you a good indication of where everything will fit and on top of that, the ease with which you will be able to move around it.

There are many areas where 3D floor plans come in useful, from architecture to building, from designing to marketing and all will find it an invaluable aid.

About the Author:

Design expert Catherine Harvey looks at the use of 3D floor plans and what makes them different to 2D floor plans.


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