August 7, 2008

Olympic 080808! let watch it together!!

The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

The National Beijing Stadium (from 3dwarehouse)

Medal for the Beijing 2008 Olympic

The Beijing Olympic Torch

The Official Mascots of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games (i like the green one)


Brian said...

The Beijing Water Cube, or the Bird's Nest, was the center of attention during the 2008 Winter Olympics. It was China's world stage appearance and it didn't disappoint. Everyone who watched the opening of the 2008 Olympics will remember the opening with all the theatrics, dancing, music and the long red carpet that circled the Bird's Nest.

The Beijing Water Cube today is a huge tourist attraction in Beijing. It is easy to get to off the Subway Line 8 (Olympic Special Line) and there are plenty of other places to see around it such as the National Aquatics Center, The National Center for Performing Arts, and the CCTV Tower. Now the stadium hosts different events and in the winter time, it is turned into a ski slope. There are always tours going on that will take you inside and around the Olympic Park. It is really fun to see! For more information, directions, pictures, or costs, you can visit the Beijing travel guide