September 4, 2008

3d SketchUp service from India!!

I already found this website about 3d services by using SketchUp as 3d software.

About there company.
The story of Chillibreeze is one of pioneering. Our SketchUp team in North East India (north of Bangladesh and South of Bhutan) is the first to bring outsourcing to this part of the world. We are proving our motto " Creating Value Beyond the Cities." We are a small team of 20 people, focused on providing world class services. Our goal is to be a model of excellence for this region while becoming the best come to work for in NE India. Not all of our work involves SketchUp, in fact most of our projects are done with Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop.

Some of there services is architecture,3d models from photos,Graphic Professionals,interior design and many more. So check them out for more info